Frequently Asked Questions

To help you decide if our venue is right for your party, we have listed our most commonly asked question. We also have a frequently asked question page with more information.
To make a booking or you have more questions please contact us



We currently follow the Government Covid Guidance at the time of your cruise.

Due to the nature of our venue, we can offer full boat charters of groups over 20 (max 70 at present), this means that your guests do not have to mix with any 3rd party guests which is fantastic if you are trying to run an event and limit your contacts.

Our staff have been fully trained in the health and hygiene measures recommended to keep you and them safe.

Should we need to cancel your cruise, because of government guidance we are happy to move it to another date.

For further information on the options available and to discuss availability please contact us by telephone or email in the first instance.


Additional  T&C’s for Covid 19

We ask that anyone in your party who is unwell whether or not they are displaying Covid 19 symptoms do not enter the vessel for the safety of the staff and other passengers.

In addition to our normal T&C’s the company reserves the right to cancel a booking due to any Covid 19 related issue or future instruction/recommendation issued by the government. In such cases the hirer will be offered an alternative date for their booking or if preferred a refund of any monies

Is the boat suitable for a mixture of ages?
As long as your party has a minimum of 20 guests the Boat is yours for the event.
Which means everyone from Children to Grandparents' feel at easy at your Party.

How Many guest does the boat hold?
We ask for a minimum of 20 guests - maximum is 70 depending on your option chosen. Please see our Full Boat Charter section, which gives suitable numbers for each option

Can We Decorate the Boat?
You are more than welcome to, it can add to the fun. The boat is available 1hr before your cruise time for you to decorate. We have hooks for balloons and bunting. Photos and banners please use blue/white tack. Please No Sellotape or pins.

Can We Bring our Own Drink/Alcohol?
The short answer is No. We do not have a bring your own policy for both drink and food. Any items brought aboard will be taken and returned at the end of the cruise. Our staff are not being awkward it is part of our alcohol licencing requirements.

Can we have a Disco/DJ/Music?
Yes of course. You can do this via 2 methods,
1. Some of the options on the Full Boat Charter selection include a Disco/DJ in the pricing.
2. You may provide your own professional DJ, just let us have a copy of their insurance and safety policies etc. if they contact us we can give them the information they need to both equipment requirements and power supply etc.

Can we Bring our own Music we do not want a DJ/Disco?
Yes, it needs to be on an mp3 player or telephone that has a standard round earphone jack socket. Or you need to bring the iPhone adapter. It will then plug into our own system. You cannot plug in computers or full sound systems

Can we bring our own games/activities?
Yes you are very welcome to bring quizzes, parcel the parcel and other fun activities to play during the cruise. We do not mind you making a mess, but if it is a craft activity please go not bring items like paint or glue that may spill on to floor or furnishings.

Entertainment of an adult nature aboard the boat?
e.g. Butler in the Buff or ‘Kiss’-a-Gram
This is not allowed, as we do not have an adult entertainment licence. The boat because of its many windows is not suitable for these types of activities.

How do I make a booking?
Once you have decided on you package and proposed date you can either telephone us on 0114 2786314 or email us @ to check availability and make a provisional booking. Currently you cannot make a booking via the website.

Do I have to pay a deposit?
Yes, once you have made your provisional booking, we require a deposit of £200.00 for full boat charters and £10.00 per person for small part bookings within 7 days. Once your payment has successfully reached the company account, we will confirm your booking either by post of email. In the case of last minute bookings, you will be advised verbally.
You can pay your deposit, by cheque, card transaction or bank transfer. If you wish to pay by cash, you will need to make an appointment to visit our office.

Can I cruise longer than the package offered?
When you are booking a full boat charter the cruise duration is clearly stated, you can however,
Purchase additional time on the vessel at the cost of £125.00 per hour or part thereof, providing this can be accommodated within our standard cruising hours or with any other cruises scheduled on the day of your booking?
If you are booking a small party on a shared boat cruise or are on a scheduled cruise the cruise time is as stated and cannot be extended.

Can I view the Boat before I make a Booking?
Yes, you are welcome to view the boat before booking a full boat charter, corporate event or educational cruise. Please contact us to schedule a suitable appointment. We are sorry we cannot accommodate viewings without prior arrangement.

How do I pay for my Booking?
You can pay for your booking in Pounds (sterling) by cheque, Card transaction or bank transfer. If you wish to pay by cash, you will need to make an appointment to visit our office. Deposit payments are due within 7 days of your provisional booking and the final payment should be made no later than 21 days of your booking. If your booking is less than 21 days away full payment is required at the time of booking.

What are your office hours?
Due to the way the company operates we do not have set office hours, for example we may be out on the boat, or we may have worked late the night before and come into the office a little later than standard office hours.
You are most welcome to visit the office we do however ask that you contact us first to ensure there is someone there to assist you. You can do this via our email or by contacting us by telephone, there is an answer machine should we be unavailable.

How many people can I have on the boat?
We can accommodate a maximum of 70 guest onboard the boat. The actual maximum numbers for you party will depend on the package booked. Full details can be found in the details for each package offered.

What sort of Packages do you offer?
We offer a wide range of cruising options, which can be found by found by clicking the navigational links.

Why have you asked for a damage deposit?
We ask for a damage deposit to cover the cost of any accidental or deliberate damage to the boat, or for any excessive cleaning that may be required due to the behaviour of the hirer or their guests whilst they are aboard the boat. After the boat has been inspected and no damage is found the deposit will be returned to the hirer by the same method it was paid. If damage is found the hirer will be informed of the damage and the cost of repair. If any monies remain after the repair has been completed, they will be returned to the hirer by the same method as the original payment.

Is the boat suitable for corporate meetings?
Yes, whether you simple want a meeting space for an hour or two, a awayday venue, a product to launch, want to offer hospitality to clients or a thank you to staff we can arrange a package to suit your needs. Please contact us to discuss your needs.

I am a coach driver, where do I drop off my passengers and can I park my coach nearby?
There are 2 passenger drop off options in the vicinity, please contact us prior to your visit and we will be happy to advise you of the most appropriate option to meet your needs.
Depending on the size of your coach we are often able to arrange parking near by please do not hesitate to contact us for information prior to your visit.

Can you offer cruise packages for coach parties?
The short answer is yes, however as coach sizes vary so much we suggest that you look in the full boat charter options for the maximum number of guests, or alternative contact us for information.

Can I book the boat in conjunction with another venues/tourist location?
Currently we do not have ant reciprocal arrangements with other tourist venues, but we are happy to try an accommodate your needs and can be flexible with daytime slots should you wish to arrange your own itinerary.

None of your advertised options suit my needs do you offer other packages?
We offer a wide range of cruising package to suit most needs, however if you cannot find the option you want please do hesitate to contact us to discuss your needs.

Can I change items on your menus?
It is often possible to make small tweaks to a package to accommodate specific dietary requirements provided they can be accommodated within your chosen package budget. It is not however possible to change an entire package menu. If you cannot find a package to suit your entire groups needs then please do not hesitate to discuss options with one of our reservation officers.

I have allergies can you accommodate my needs?
We are able to offer alternatives menu options within your parties chosen package to accommodate an individual’s allergen requirements. We make every effort to ensure that food is prepared separately, however can not guarantee that the specific allergen is not or has not been in our kitchen.

How do I find you?
Follow the link to the how to find us page

Can I bring my own food?
Other than a non-dairy cream celebration cake we do not allow guests to bring their own food on board the boat.

Do you make an additional charge for the hire of the boat?
No, all our packages have the cost of boat hire included in the package price.

How much will my trip cost?
All our packages are priced per person therefore, to cost your booking all you need to do is multiply the price by the number of guests you have to get a total cost.

Do I have to pay for children?
In short the answer is yes
On most cruises we consider a child to be between 3 and 15 years. The child price can be found next to the adult price on all package options.
On heritage cruises children under 3yrs may travel free of charge.
On cruises where a meal is provided children under 3yrs may travel free of charge, provided they do not require their own meal.
On Santa cruises children under 2yrs may travel free of charge provided they do not receive a present from Santa. Should you wish we are able to provide appropriate gifts for children from birth.
We make charges for all children who require a meal or are provided with a service irrespective of age.

My child is under 2yrs, is it worth me purchasing a Santa package for them?
We leave the choice to you. For some families particularly with older siblings, a gift from Santa is part of the whole experience, for others it is not an important component of the memories they are making.
From our experience over the years we know many very young infants often sleep through the experience and whilst toddlers of around 18ths plus don’t have a concept of Santa they do understand when their siblings have a gift and they do not.

Is there a bar on board the boat?
The boat is licensed for the sale of alcohol. There is a bar on board, stocked with a large selection of wines, beers and sprits. Additionally, there is a large selection of non-alcoholic beverages suitable for both adults and children.
The bar is open 30 minutes prior to your departure time and closes as the boat passes through Bacon Lane Bridge on the return to our mooring site.

What time do I need to arrive for my cruise?
The boat will be ready for you to board 30 minutes prior to your arranged cruise time. The bar will be open should you wish to purchase a pre cruise drink.

Do I need to book a scheduled Heritage cruise?
It is not necessary to book a scheduled heritage trip. We start embarkation 15 minutes prior to the stated departure time of the cruise on a first come basis. If you wish book a seat prior to the trip you are welcome to do so. Payment for heritage cruises are payable on the day and on the boat.

Can I book a heritage cruise for a large party?
If you have a group of more than 20 guests, you can book one of our basic boat cruises and request a heritage narration for your trip at no extra cost. These are available on days where we have no scheduled trip and have no previous booking for your preferred day and time.

Can I Park my car on the Quay side?
We are sorry but you are unable to park on the quayside whilst you cruise. This is because of the strict parking restrictions imposed by the site’s management company. There are enforcement officers who visit the site regularly and have the power to issue parking fines and clamp your vehicle.
If you have severely limited mobility, we are able to arrange for your driver to drop you near to the boat prior to parking the vehicle.

Can I have my decorations/celebration cake delivered?
You can arrange for your chosen supplier to deliver goods to the site on the day of your event, they must however make an appointment prior to delivery. You can then complete you decorating 1 hour prior to the departure of the cruise.

I am disabled how can I access the Boat?
To access the boat in normal operation the entrance has 2 steps up to the entrance and 3 down to cabin level. If you are ambulant but cannot manage steps, we can fit ma ramp and raise and lower the floor to enable you to access the boat.
If you are a wheelchair user, we replace the steps with a ramp and raise and lower the floor to enable you to access the boat. We can accommodate both standard and electric chairs to a maximum width of 740mm including any external wheel rims and nuts. In our experience most long ECV’s do not fit, however the shorter compact ECV’s are easier to manoeuvre onto the platform and through the cabin doors. If you are using an ECV you will need to be able to transfer onto a standard chair. Wheelchair users may stay seated in their wheelchair or transfer to a standard chair as they prefer.
If you are a group with a number of wheelchair/ECV user you will need to discuss your needs at the time of booking as space is limited in the main cabin.
It is useful if you or your party organiser can inform us that you need the ramp and lift as we can then organise it’s set up prior to your arrival.

Can I bring Children on board?
Children are welcome on both private charter and public cruises we do however ask you to consider whether your chosen cruise will meet the child’s needs as some children become tried and fractious when confined to a small space for extended periods of time.
You remain responsible for the child’s safety and behaviour throughout the cruises, however if a member of staff feels that a child’s safety and welfare is being put in danger the company will intervene in any manner the staff feels appropriate.

Are there toilets onboard the boat?
There are 2 unisex toilets on board the boat.
One of the toilets is wheelchair accessible enabling a standing or sliding transfer in most instances.

When do I need to leave the boat when we return to the moorings?
Following your cruise your party is given 15 minutes to finish drinks, say your farewells etc. before we ask you to leave the boat, of course you do not have to wait that long to leave the boat you can do so once we are safely moored and have attached the steps/ramp to the exit.

Is there heating on the boat?
Yes we do have heating on board for the cooler months.

Can I smoke on board the boat?
I am sorry but the boat is a non-smoking venue and you cannot smoke either cigarettes or other tobacco products or use E-cigarettes whilst on board the boat.
For cruises over 2 ½ hours we can arrange a stop for smokers to disembark and lite up should they wish to do so.

Can I bring Chewing gum on board the boat?
We have no objections to chewing gum provided that you dispose of it in a responsible manner.

Why must I follow the instructions made by members of staff?
Under the regulations in which the company operates, the safety of the boat, the passengers (guests) and the staff remains with the company not the hirer. We therefore operate with a number of rules and procedures that are in place to ensure the safety and wellbeing of the boat and all on board. We do not give instructions for the sake of it is therefore important that you listen to our welcome and safety announcement at the beginning of the cruise and comply with any instructions given during the cruise, these will not only keep you safe but will enhance the enjoyment of the cruise for you and others aboard the boat.

Can I leave the boat once you have started cruising?
Once we have started cruising there are limited stopping points along the cruise route, therefore unless it is an emergency we can not allow you to disembark on our shorter cruises unless by prior to arrangement with a member of the management team. On cruises where there is a planned smoking stop the individual can disembark during that stop provided they have first discussed it with a team member and the party organiser. Disembarkation part way through the cruise is at the risk of the individual and no responsibility for your wellbeing can be taken by the company once you have left the cruise.

Can I buy a gift voucher?
We do sell gift vouchers for our open meal cruises and seasonal heritage Cruises. Each voucher is valid for a period of 1 calendar year, please note that due to the limited number of the limited number of these cruises that operate the recipient may need to be a little bit flexible about dates of cruise when booking.

Do you do children’s parties?
Yes, we do, full details can be found in the children’s party section on this website.

Can I arrange a children’s’ entertainer for my child’s birthday party?
Yes, you are welcome to arrange for a children’s entertainer for your child’s birthday party. You will need to ensure that they are happy to stay on board the boat throughout the cruise. They need to evidence to our company that they have appropriate insurance, safeguarding policies including a recent DBS check and that any equipment brought on board is in good condition and safe to use including PAT testing for any electrical equipment.

Can I bring games/activities for my Childs’ birthday party?
Yes, you are very welcome to bring quizzes, parcel the parcel and other fun activities to play during the cruise. We do not mind you making a mess, but if it is a craft activity please go not bring items like paint or glue that may spill on to floor or furnishings.

Can I bring my own food and drinks to my child’s birthday party?
Other than a non-dairy cream birthday cake/cupcake you cannot bring food or drinks on board the boat.
You are welcome to bring your own party bags for distribution after your party.

I don’t have sufficient guests for a private charter can I book the boat just for my group?
In order to remain afloat, the company has to meet its basic running costs that is why we ask small groups to share the boat. If you have less than 20 individuals and want the boat to yourselves, you can do so by paying for the minimum charter number (currently 20 guests).

Can I get on the boat early?
Provided there is a staff member on board the boat we have no objections to you coming abroad the boat a little early particularly in inclement weather. Depending on the time of arrival the boat may still being set up for your cruise. Don’t worry we will work around you or ask you to swop locations if need be.

Can I get married on the boat?
We are happy to host your wedding reception aboard the boat, however at this time you are unable to get married aboard a boat on Britain’s waterways (Unless the boat owners can meet certain requirements i.e. the boat can’t move from its mooring ever!), and where would the fun of a party on a boat be if you just can’t cruise. You can however arrange to have a blessing or a humanist ceremony, provided you have done the legal bit at the registry office first.

What happens if one of my guests are late?
We all know that travelling can throw up unwelcome and unexpected surprises, so on full boat charters we are happy to wait for your guests providing we are still able to provide the service you have purchased to you and your other guests. It may mean that the cruise length or the ability to accommodate a smoking stop is affected. We do ask that you keep the staff appraised of your guests ETA so that we can provide you with appropriate advice.
If you have a small party booking on a shared both, generally the staff and other guests are happy to wait a short while for all your guests to arrive.
On Scheduled cruises we will prepare to depart at the stated time unless we are informed of your imminent arrival, in-order to keep scheduled trips on time we are unable to wait more than 5 minutes for late arrivals.

Can an intoxicated guests board the boat?
If in the opinion of the management team at the start of a cruise the party organiser or one of you guests is so intoxicated on arrival that you/they are unable to follow instructions or pose a risk to the safety of the boat, themselves, other guests or the staff they will not be permitted to embark. In such cases the payment made for that guest will not be refunded.

If I cancel my booking will I get a refund?
We respectfully refer you to our terms and conditions section

What happens If you cancel my booking?
In the rare event we must cancel you booking we will discuss the available options with you. It may be that we can transfer your booking to an alternative suitable date. If that is not possible, we will refund any monies you have paid and you will have further recourse.

You have refused entry to one of my guests can they have a refund?
If we have refused entry to a guest due to their adverse behaviour, including verbal or physical aggression or being under the influence of alcohol no refund will be made. The company’s decision to allow boarding of the boat is final.

One of my guests wants to cancel their place can they have a refund?
Once you have made your final payment it is the company’s policy not to make refunds for individual guests who decide not to take up their place on the hirers booking

Do you cruise if the weather is bad?
The short answer is yes, in 26 years we cancelled less than 5 cruises due to the weather.
The longer answer is we know that severe weather may affect the ability of the majority of your guests to safely get to the boat. In these circumstances we are happy to discuss rescheduling your booking to an alternative date.

What happens if Santa trips cannot cruise?
If the boat is unable to depart for whatever reason. The Number 1# Chief Elf will contact Santa and arrange for his meet and greet to occur at our boat moorings at Victoria Quays. All the usual fun and games will ensue, and he will distribute the gifts to each child. (Please bear in mind whilst you are all enjoying yourself the number 1# Chief Elf will be having a miserable time trying to keep the reindeer from their favourite place in Sheffield Granelli’s sweet and ice cream shop) To compensate for the lack of a cruise the boat elf will issue either a voucher to be used on one of our scheduled seasonal heritage cruises valid for 1 year or a voucher giving 20% off next years Santa Cruise for the same number of guests.

Can I bring candles aboard the boat?
In you have a birthday cake simple birthday candles are acceptable.
We do not permit the use of traditional table candle (naked flame) whether pillar, votive or lantern, nor the use of indoor fireworks, sparklers or self-relighting candles.
There are now a number of attractive battery-operated alternative in both candle and lantern format and these are permitted on the boat.

Can I Leave things on the boat overnight?
Outside Entertainers’ equipment must be removed immediately after your cruise has ended.
We do not have any storage facilities on the boat, we therefore prefer for you to remove all your belongings from the boat as you leave. In exception circumstances and at your own risk we will store small items for you, which you can then collect from our offices by prior arrangement.

Lost property/left items
Any items left or found on the boat will be kept for collection for 1 month after which they will be disposed of as the company sees fit. This does not include items that have been used to decorate the boat, which unless otherwise requested will be disposed of when the cleaning team services the boat.