Hen Parties 

'L B Hardfeet' is a perfect venue for your Hen Party. 

Normally one of our options from our Full Boat Charter section will be suitable for your group but if not please ask us for a bespoke quote.

Commonly Asked Questions

To help you decide if our venue is right for your party, we have listed our most commonly asked question. We also have a frequently asked question page with more information.
To make a booking or you have more questions please contact us

Is the boat suitable for a mixture of ages?
As long as your party has a minimum of 20 guests the Boat is yours for the event.
Which means from Grandmas to 'Older Younger Sisters' feel at easy at your Party.

How many guest does the boat hold?
We ask for a minimum of 20 guests - maximum is 70 depending on your option chosen. Please see our Full Boat Charter section, which gives suitable numbers for each option

Can We Decorate the Boat?
You are more than welcome to; it can add to the fun. The boat is available 1hr before your cruise time for you to decorate. We have hooks for balloons and bunting. Photos and banners please use blue/white tack. Please No Sellotape or pins.

Can We Bring our Own Drink/Alcohol?
The short answer is No. We do not have a bring your own policy for both drink and food. Any items brought aboard will be taken and returned at the end of the cruise. Our staff are not being awkward it is part of our alcohol licencing requirements.


Can we have a Disco/DJ/Music?
Yes of course. You can do this via 2 methods,
1. Some of the options on the Full Boat Charter selection include a Disco/DJ in the pricing.
2. You may provide your own professional DJ, just let us have a copy of their insurance and safety policies etc. if they contact us, we can give them the information they need to both equipment requirements and power supply etc.

Can we Bring our own Music we do not want a DJ/Disco?
Yes, it needs to be on an mp3 player or telephone that has a standard round earphone jack socket. Or you need to bring the i-phone adapter. It will then plug into our own system. You can not plug in computers or full sound systems

Can we bring our own games/activities?
Yes you are very welcome to bring quizzes, parcel the parcel and other fun activities to play during the cruise. We do not mind you making a mess, but if it is a craft activity please go not bring items like paint or glue that may spill on to floor or furnishings.

Entertainment of an adult nature aboard the boat?
e.g. Butler in the Buff or ‘Kiss’-a-Gram
This is not allowed, as we do not have an adult entertainment licence. The boat because of its many windows is not suitable for these types of activities.